LAN in every room

A network socket provided by the is available in each room. Just connect your device in and start surfing! If you need a cable, just contact us. If you use a switch, you can use any number of devices. Own routers and access points are unfortunately not possible.

WiFi throughout the dorm

The network e.V. offers the WiFi network “kaworoam” that covers the entire grounds. Due to the nature of WLAN, the speed can vary, especially in the evenings. We are continuously expanding our WLAN and are always open to feedback!

To connect, you select the network “kaworoam” and log in with your user name and WiFi password. You can find your access data in our self-service portal.


We offer you a cloud in which you can upload your data to always have a backup or to share data with others. 10GB are available to every resident.

Our Nextcloud instance is available at


We offer our residents the opportunity to receive TV programs on our network.

Directly open with the VLC player or a comparable program. For even more features and convenience, we offer the option to use the Kodi program with the TVHeadend plugin. The server URL for this is Selfservice is the user portal of the Netzwerk e.V. Here you can see your account information, request New Passwords and access many other functions. The range of functions is constantly being expanded, so please check back regularly.


Even if we try to provide our services as uninterruptedly as possible and without errors, it can happen that something “slips through our fingers.”

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

E-Mail-Adressen für jeden Bewohner

Upon request, we will provide each resident with an email address that ends at or Incoming emails are either forwarded to your registered email address or you can check them in an email inbox. You can make the appropriate settings yourself in our Selfservice.

You can find our web mailer at